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04-02-2011 IMPORTANT (update 2) Please read
I've created a blog at (

Please take some time and read the post, and reply to it, so I know what the users of the 3pointer wish. You can vote for a choice, or suggest more options for the vote.

02-02-2011 IMPORTANT (update) Please read
First of all, thank you for all the kind messages! It's nice to hear that people are using the application and like it!

I got a few questions about exporting the current data. If the site is shut down, I will make sure an export feature will be created so you can export all your player history into an excel sheet, or something like that.

You can read that I said "if the site is shut down", not when the site is shutdown. I got lots of nice messages of users offering to pay a small amount of money, offering help to improve the site and even offering hosting for the site. I'm going to check the options, and post the final decision on the site soon.

Again, thanks for all the kind messages!!

30-01-2011 IMPORTANT Please read
Iíve been running this site on my own for a few years now. Iím paying for all the costs of this site for all those years, and Iíve not played Charazay a few years now. I cannot pay for the costs of the site any longer, so Iím really sorry but I have to shut it down this year. Iím not 100% sure when Iím shutting it down, but I wanted everyone to be prepared. I hate to do it this way, but I see no other way.

Any questions?

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